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“Show Up” Singer-Songwriter Emily Litta Reveals Her New Year’s Aspirations

Emily Litta has high hopes for 2023. The up-and-coming singer-songwriter who shared “Messy” and  “Show Up” in 2022, aspires to achieve a lot more in the coming year, “I really want to perform my songs and get that feeling of connection you only get when you’re on stage. Make lots of new music for you, plus 23 is my lucky number so 2023 might just be my year.”

Traveling around the world from a very young age has immensely influenced Emily Litta’s sound and artistic identity, “There’s a big mix of different music, languages, customs and general cultural backgrounds that certainly influence how I write, how I live my life and who I am. I like to think there’s a piece of me and a different version of myself in all the cities I’ve lived in and I go back to it whenever I need Inspiration.”

Litta flawlessly integrates those diverse impressions into her music and lyrics, “I’m just a little bit just a little bit stuck in the middle but/ I’m a little bit scared of my enemies/ cause they look like everything I wanna be/ But I’m a fighter, a live wire/ I could’ve followed all my fears but I’m tired/ I’m a fighter, a live wire/ I could’ve followed all my fears but I’m/ I’m through.”

“Show Up” is a preview of what is to come in 2023. Emily Litta released the single with an accompanying music video directed and shot by Alex Klover Guccione and Paul Guccione. 

Watch the Official Video for “Show Up” here:

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