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Shakira Faces $7 Million Tax Evasion Charge in Spain — Here’s the Latest

Shakira, who is already set to face trial for one tax evasion charge on November 20th, is facing a different, $7 million charge from the Spanish government. No trial date has yet been set for this second charge.

The singer’s first tax evasion charge is for €14.5m ($15.3 million dollars). The singer rejected a deal with prosecutors on this charge and elected to go to trial, with her team saying that the charges are  “a total violation of her rights, since she has always shown impeccable conduct as a person and a taxpayer.” 

If Shakira is convicted of the charges she could face up to eight years in prison.

According to Spanish prosecutors, the new charges can be traced back to 2018, when Shakira lived in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona with Gerard Piqué and their two children. Prosecutors claim that in her tax declaration of that year, Shakira omitted a part of her earnings, particularly those related to the El Dorado World Tour. The tour took place between June and November of that year and saw her give 53 concerts in 22 countries.

The prosecution claims that the singer, “moved by the desire to pay taxes as little as possible,” used “a corporate framework,” and deducted expenses “that were not appropriate.”

Since splitting up with her partner Gerad Piqué, Shakira and her two sons have relocated to Miami, so the prosecution has asked that the deposition for these new charges be done via video call. 

Fans are still on Shakira’s side, even after the new charges, with some asking Spain to “leave my girl alone.” 

Others accused the Spanish government of going after Shakira, who “is worth over 300 million, do you really think she’s guna avoid paying taxes when she quite literally uses her own money to build dozens of schools?”