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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Just Released Their First-Ever Merch Collection

It really wasn’t enough for Selena Gomez to take over your entire makeup bag, she had to come for your closet too. Late last night, the “Selfish Love” singer released a super limited merch drop for her cosmetics company Rare Beauty—the brand’s first ever.

The unexpected news dropped on the official IG. “We heard you couldn’t wait for the Rare Beauty Oversized Hoodie so we decided to release it early for ya. 😏,” the caption reads, alongside a few photos of an absolutely *glowing* Selena. “Get it now, along with the NEW Puffy Weekend Bag only on!”

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Now, almost 12 hours later, the $45 hoodie design is completely sold out. Sad, I know. But there is some good news—two things, as a matter of fact.

  1. The squashy weekender is still shoppable for only $38.
  2. With this kind of popularity, you can bet that hoodie will be restocked very soon.
    Rare Beauty Oversized Hoodie
    Rare Beauty


    Puffy Weekend Bag
    Rare Beauty


    When and if the hoodie will come back, we do not yet know. But don’t worry, I’ve reached out to the Rare Beauty team (ya, I’ve got the connect) and will report back with their answer. 😉

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