Meanwhile, will I ever know the loving touch of another human again?

If we know anything by now, it’s that Simon Porte Jacquemus is a self-confessed romantic and unashamed lover of love. 

Frequently posting cute and sometimes kind of goofy pics of his boyfriend on Instagram alongside captions declaring “LOVE ALWAYS WINS”, the joyful French designer even went so far as to make a young, nude couple embracing passionately on the beach the stars of his (entirely clothing-free) AW17 campaign. 

Now, he’s up to his old tricks and clearly feeling the love, dropping a new photo series in celebration of his aptly-titled L’AMOUR collection. Captured by photographer Tom Kneller and styled by Zoey Radford Scott, the images feature a diverse bunch of couples from around the world in intimate clinches.

Seen kissing, cuddling, gazing into each others’ eyes adoringly, or otherwise cheekily copping a feel, each is dressed (or semi-dressed) in Jacquemus’ signature oversized, slouchy tailoring, crisp indigo denim, and branded cotton undies. 

Given lockdown has rendered our all-too-frequent interactions with our Deliveroo driver among our most intimate relationships right now, for those at the single end of the scale, the series serves as a reminder of the power and beauty of L O V E – as well as a timely nudge to maybe think about downloading Tinder again. Or then again, maybe not.

Check the campaign out in the gallery above.