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Shakira is up to something. We repeat, Shakira is up to something! Reports of a robot appearing in the background of some of the singer’s music videos are raising eyebrows all around the world. Could this mean we’re getting new music from the Colombian queen? 


Fans on Twitter have been keeping track of the robot’s appearances. As we creep on the robot-filled thumbnails of “She Wolf,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and “Whenever, Wherever,” it feels we’re all being swept up by the nostalgia and love we feel for Shakira’s music. It might explain why the internet is abuzz right now. 


The last time we heard music from Shakira was her collaboration on “Girl Like Me,” when she joined forces with the Black Eyed Peas and made a bop that we’re still shaking our hips to. The music video thumbnail for “Girl Like Me” features a mystery robot alongside Shakira’s backup dancers. On social media, fans speculate that this means new Shakira music is coming. They’ve even made #Shakiraiscoming trend on Twitter. 

We hope that this robot easter egg is Shakira’s way of getting our ears on alert for whatever it is she drops. Could the robot mean that Shakira’s sound is evolving? When you hear the word “robot,” it doesn’t necessarily shout “Shakira.” Whatever it is, it’ll definitely be memorable. The singer never disappoints, and with such a solid record of releasing hit after hit, it’ll be major news when new music drops.

In addition to the promise of new music, we’ll definitely be seeing more of Shakira this year. The pop icon is teaming up with NBC on her new dancing competition series, Dancing With Myself. Shakira is set as the show creator, alongside Nick Jonas, Shaquille O’Neal, and Liza Koshy, and Camille Kostek will serve as the host. Dancing With Myself airs on May 31, 2022.