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Sarah Paulson Disagrees with Pedro Pascal About This Beyoncé Moment They Shared

Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson might be longtime friends, but even friends can disagree sometimes.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show this past Friday (March 29), Paulson, who became friends with Pascal when they were teenagers in the 1990s, shared with host Jimmy Fallon that there is a playful disagreement between her and The Last of Us star about who was the recipient of a blown kiss that happened last year at Beyoncé’s concert for her Renaissance World Tour.

As Paulson explains, “Beyoncé was flying overhead as she does, ’cause she’s God incarnate. She blew a kiss in my direction, and I believe it was to me, and Pedro thinks it was to him.”

She added that Pascal is “the most famous man in the world right now, so he believes everything is happening for him,” quipping, “But [the kiss was] really for me.”

Paulson said that when the kiss came her way, her fellow concertgoers around her started telling her, “Oh, my God, you just got a kiss from Beyoncé. And Pedro was like, ‘That was for me.’ I was like, ‘Can I have one thing?!’”

Someone needs to put Pascal and Paulson in a movie together already. The two entertained fans last year during Saturday Night Live when Pascal served as the host. During their skit called “Daddy Teacher,” Pascal plays a teacher who is trying to understand why social media refers to him as a “daddy.” Paulson joins Pascal and says, “He’s daddy, I’m mommy, and we’re all a happy family. No crumbs left.”