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Sage Suede Releases Addictive New Track And Music Video “Masterpiece”

Texan singer-songwriter and producer Sage Suede just released the first song off his upcoming album THICC JUICY BASS, “Masterpiece”. His raw talent and sharp artistic skills can be enjoyed all throughout the song and the music video, an eclectic visual piece that offers some breathtaking ancient egyptian temples shots. 

Before dedicating himself fully to songwriting, he first learned how to play the drums, piano, guitar and clarinet, leading him to win several prestigious awards with his band and orchestra as a bass clarinet student. 

To this day, he has released, “Diamondback,” recorded in Snell Library’s recording studio, 2018 Freebies & Bangers, and ElectroPapi, an EP that showcases Suede’s penchant for blending reggaeton, Hip-Hop, and electro-pop with a sure musical taste of what works and what doesn’t. 

“Masterpiece” is an extremely imaginative and futuristic artistic proposal, offering a wide range of styles and sonic inspirations blended into one coherent song that proves how visionary Sage Suede is.