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Rosalía Finally Talks About The Viral ‘BIZCOCHITO’ Meme

For those obsessed with Rosalía’s “BIZCOCHITO” meme – we got news for you. During a recent podcast interview, the Spanish singer-songwriter finally revealed how the meme-able chewing gum stand came to be – and let’s just say that the best things come out of serendipity.

“I was in rehearsal, and we were doing the choreography,” the “DESPECHÁ” singer told the La Pija y la Quinqui podcast in Spanish. “After doing it so many times, you get bored. So without wanting to, I started to do it to make los chicos laugh, and they did. I saw that they laughed. So I said, ‘oh well, I’m going to do it.’”

She continued: “I was just improvising, it came out, and then I said, ‘Well, I’ll leave it.’”

Not only is the meme contagious, but the entire “BIZCOCHITO” choreography also appears to be a hit on social media. Currently, on TikTok, the hashtag “BIZCOCHITO” has over 481.1 million views. TikTok users are utilizing this hashtag to recreate the sassy bubble gum meme and to give tutorials on how to dance to the catchy tune.

A Twitter user said: “No thoughts, only bizcochito choreography.” 

Others wish the song was longer. Another Twitter user said: “Why is bizcochito only 1:49 minutes long? I am having the time of my life here.”

Besides her MOTOMAMI World Tour, Rosalía is also shooting the video for “DESPECHÁ.” In a recent TikTok video posted today (Aug. 1), she said she’s currently recording the merengue-infused track’s visuals in Mallorca, Spain.

There’s been a lot of talk about her latest song, especially since the merengue singer Omega unveiled that his feature was cut from the original track. While we don’t have any further official video information yet, could it be that we’ll see a special appearance from the icons she listed as the song’s inspiration?

Watch the full interview with La Pija y la Quinqui podcast below.