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Rona Reckless: Chicago House Parties Over The Weekend Violated All The Health Orders

If numbers in the city in suddenly spike, officials can almost certainly point to a pair of reckless parties held over the weekend. Footage of two highly-attended house parties has surfaced with folks displaying reckless behavior in defiance of the global pandemic.

In a new TMZ report, the outlet highlighted both of the parties with an emphasis on the latest event that featured a stripper with patrons making it rain with folding currency. In the clip featuring on the site, the woman can be seen dancing and gyrating on a hardwood floor while onlookers cheer her on from the sideline. Not one person in the video appears to be honoring social distancing, and there are several dollar bills surrounding the woman with another woman getting a feel in.

While the video mentioned above was no doubt a dangerous display of ignoring public health orders in response to the novel coronavirus spread, it paled in comparison to the first video that made its rounds on the Internet. In that video, a person shared footage of the event Facebook Live and reportedly had over 1,000 in attendance. Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the event “foolish and reckless” in a report published by local outlet WGN.

“Every single person there that put themselves at risk, puts the next person, and the next person they come into contact with at risk,” Lightfoot said yesterday. “That’s why, for me, that scene is so distressing.”

Mayor Lightfoot and the city cited the homeowner of the house party with disorderly conduct. It isn’t known if the city has responded to the homeowners in the video featuring the stripper. WGN added in its reporting that Chicago police broke apart several other parties with high numbers of attendees.

This is the part where we would like to remind folks that Black people have been dying at a higher clip than their white counterparts due to this new virus that’s ravaged the entire globe. Be smart, stay at home, observe social distancing, and please, wash your hands.

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