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Roland is releasing official software versions of its 808 and 909 drum machines


Roland is releasing ficial stware versions its two most iconic drum machines: TR-808 and TR-909 VSTs will be available to subscribers the Roland Cloud service in the coming months alongside a new virtual instrument, SRX Orchestra.

Though the 808 and 909 have been emulated unficially before, it’s the first time Roland has released them as standalone VSTs. As with Roland’s other ficial VSTs (such as the SH-101 and Juno-106), the reproductions the 808 and 909 are based on the original circuits and design specifications the two drum machines.

Roland is releasing ficial stware versions  its 808 and 909 drum machines

Roland’s new SRX Orchestra plug-in is based on one the company’s SRX line expansion boards from the 2000s. Roland’s press release implies that stand-alone VSTs are planned for other packs in the SRX range, which include drum kits, concert piano and brass ensembles.

Launched in 2016, Roland Cloud is a Netflix-style service for producers that fers access to a range stware synths for a flat fee $19.95 per month. Although it started with a very limited selection instruments, the addition the 808 and 909 alongside the D-50 and D-70 make it a more attractive proposition.

The new VSTs are part several new products Roland will be showing f at this year’s NAMM show, which takes place from January 25–28. Earlier this month, the company announced the R-07, a sleek handheld audio recorder you can control with your phone Bluetooth.

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