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Rick Ross Is The Father Of Ex Briana Camille’s Kids, DNA Test Says He’s The Papi

is going to have to pay up. Court documents have confirmed that Rozay is indeed the father of former partner Briana Camille’s two smaller children.

This is a win for Camille since the Miami rapper apparently booted her from the crib in late 2019.

The good folk at Bossip got the tea:

The Maybach Music CEO is more than 99 percent likely the dad of three-year-old Berkeley and two-year-old Billion, according to DNA test results filed as part of the case.

The news comes as Briana Camille, who is pregnant with the former couple’s third child, requested immediate temporary child support for the children. She said that Ross hasn’t contributed financially to the kids since he kicked them out of his house late last year, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

She accused the “Gold Roses” rapper of refusing to pay child support for the kids – except daycare – because there wasn’t a DNA test. She said Ross hasn’t paid child support since February 2020, hadn’t paid anything towards her prenatal care, nor contributed to the children’s more than $5,000 in medical bills, her court papers state.

Camille sued Renzel earlier this year for paternity and child support earlier this year. , but clearly that didn’t happen.

While Briana Camille is lining up all the receipts on her side, Rozay was basically slandering her on social media (he even called her “fat girl”) over the weekend. Not a good look considering she’s the mother of what’s soon to be three of his kids.