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Residente Holds Nothing Back in New Diss Track

In case anyone was wondering whether Residente was continuing the famous J Balvin’s beef or not, the Puerto Rican rapper made it clear today that he has a lot more to say. Residente made his problem with J Balvin all the more evident on his latest release, a music session with lauded music producer Bizarrap – where he doesn’t filter himself one bit.

During the heated, instantly jaw-dropping 8 minutes and 39-second song, we first get sparingly hints here and there. The first shots fired towards J Balvin are subtle references calling him a “hot dog” and describing “a pendejo vestido en colores.” It isn’t until the 4:50 mark when the Colombian pop star’s name is officially dropped, unleashing the session’s third chapter: “El Caballero De Los Espejos.” Dear reader, that’s when it gets real and gloves come off.

Residente starts out referencing a timeline of J Balvin’s questionable actions and why he’s a problem in el movimiento. He ridicules the Colombiano’s participation in the soundtracks for The Spongebob Movie Sponge On The Run) (“Agua”) and Pokémon 25 (“Ten Cuidado”). From that seemingly lukewarm initial shot, Residente then hits Balvin with coldblooded one-liner after coldblooded one–liner. He refers to him as the “Logan Paul de Reggaeton” and calls him out for turning the other cheek during their Hot Dog Gate beef, which J Balvin ended up turning into a merchandising opportunity, and for posting photos of unnecessary content on social media instead of speaking out about important issues he actively decides not to take a part of. Residente then goes as far as accusing J Balvin of using his publicly known mental health issues as a fraudulent way to sell a documentary. 


If that was too much to take in, well, the polished diss gets even wilder. The track digs deeper now, stating facts, criticizing J Balvin on his controversial misogynistic and racist “Perra” music video, which featured two Black women as chained dogs. He doesn’t stop there, though. He then brings up the controversial moment when the “In da Ghetto” singer accepted the award for Best Afro-Latino Artist Of The Year. Residente wraps up the epic verse saying: “Lo peor de todo y lo más grave es que este pendejo es racista y no lo sabe [the worst and most serious of all is that this asshole is a racist and doesn’t even know it]. Ouch! He also brings up his privilege and how he’s benefited from being a white singer in reggaeton, and even lists the most prominent Afro Latinos in the genre such as Myke Towers, Sech, Ozuna, Don Omar, and Tego Calderon — that Balvin unconsciously (or consciously) erases from reggaeton history.

Whew! Now we know why Residente was so worked up a few days ago when he said he was getting lawsuit threats should the diss track come out. The track was so highly anticipated that it hit 2 million views on Youtube within the first hour of its premiere. According to Residente’s latest Instagram post: “With each view you will be donating to mental health organizations Taller Salud and Silence the Shame.”

The microphone is yours, J Balvin.

With all of this said, you must experience “RESIDENTE || BZRP Music Sessions #49” for yourself.