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Ren Zukii drops experimental bass single ’10 Hour Shower’

Ren Zukii, the dynamic Australian experimental bass producer, has unleashed her latest track ’10 Hour Shower,’ a vibrant and funky masterpiece released on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label.The young producers journey into the world of electronic music began in her hometown of Margaret River, a picturesque surfing town on Western Australia’s south coast. Exposed to Drum & Bass at the young age of 12 and later honed her skills as a DJ at 18. and music production at university at 21, diving into the creation of her own distinctive bass music. Now, with a slew of unique productions under her belt, her

Her latest single draws from an experience during a tropical thunderstorm in Sumatra, Indonesia. ’10 Hour Shower’ is a prime example of Ren Zukii’s signature style, marked by electrifying sounds and an energy that commands attention. The track’s title and inspiration are as unique as its sound. Ren crafted this energetic tune amidst relentless rain while on a surfing trip, channeling the storm’s intensity into every synth and stab. Instead of seeing the prolonged downpour as a setback to her surfing plans, she embraced it as a source of artistic inspiration and over the course of 10 hours this experimental new single was born.