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Reddit Warns Wife Whose Husband ‘Ignored’ Her During Dinner

A woman claims her birthday dinner was a disaster after her husband “ignored” her. However, some on Reddit believe the man might be experiencing neurological issues.

Sharing her story on the forum, the woman explained that for the past two months, her husband usually “sits and stares” absently during their conversations.

“Whenever I try to call him out on it, he’d disagree and say that he does pay attention,” she wrote, claiming that on her birthday, the couple went to a restaurant where things came to a head.

“I was perusing the menu, and after a few uncomfortable minutes, I said, ‘I think I’m getting a headache.’ He finally responded, ‘Go ahead, sweetheart; get whatever you want,'” she shared.

The woman “was fuming” after being ignored, so she gathered her belongings and walked out of the restaurant.

“He freaked out and tried to get me to come back, but I didn’t,” she continued.

Once the couple got home, the woman’s husband told her that her behavior was unwarranted. “He yelled about how I behaved in such a juvenile way and embarrassed him at the restaurant,” she shared.

“He said I ruined my own birthday when I explained how he was basically ignoring me, and told me he owes me jack shit. Now he’s expecting apologies,” the woman added, asking Reddit for advice.

In the comments section, Reddit users expressed alarm over the man’s behavior, as well as concerns for his health.

“I have to ask if he’s experiencing some neurological issues. This is so bizarre,” one user wrote.

“The staring episodes could be absence seizures … more likely he’s just zoning out, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask a DR about it,” another suggested.

“People don’t know when they’re having neurological issues. (My family runs heavily toward MS, ALS, and Parkinson’s.) The big clue to me was, ‘Sure honey, get whatever you want.’ That’s not ignoring a person. That’s a point where you want a doctor involved,” someone else commented.

“I agree, especially if this seems to have happened suddenly and is out of place with his normal behavior. He also could need medication for ADHD. I know some people who, at times, completely zone out and don’t know what anyone said,” another wrote.

“I’d recommend [she] start recording their convos for a bit and when she hits her limit, send him a nice compilation video,” someone else suggested.

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