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Reddit Slams Man for Starting Fight Over Wedding Invite Snub

A groom on Reddit revealed his best man’s partner is furious he wasn’t invited to the man’s super intimate wedding.

The man and his fiancée are planning to get married this year, and neither like “traditional weddings” or “being the center of attention.”

“We want to get married primarily for us because we love each other … not for other people. If we had to have a traditional wedding with a lot of people, we would probably rather not get married. Therefore, we have decided that each of us will invite only one person (best man and maid of honor). For my fiancée, this is ‘Maria’; for me, ‘Frederik’,” he wrote via his Reddit post.

One of the bride’s other good friends is also invited as she will double as the photographer, meaning there will be five people in total attending the wedding — including the bride and groom.

However, despite the intimate guest list, the best man’s partner, Roger, complained about being not invited.

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“There was a fight between him and my best man Frederik because of that. Roger says that he would not go to a wedding to which Frederik is not invited and he expects the same from his partner,” the man explained.

However, the bride and groom are adamant they don’t want any more people attending the wedding.

“Not even our families are invited, after all. I told Roger that we are not willing to change our plan and invite him,” he concluded.

Users in the comments blasted Roger’s rude reaction.

“If you were having a normal wedding it would be rude not to invite his partner but this is obviously an exception. He’s being ridiculous,” one person wrote.

“Good grief, you have one guest/witness each, and a mutual friend who will take some pictures. This isn’t a big event for other guests. Roger is picturing a traditional wedding. Frederik needs to point out that he’s serving as more a witness. Roger is not more important than your family who are also not invited to your very intimate ceremony,” another chimed in.

“This isn’t a wedding, it’s an elopement. Regular rules don’t apply,” someone else commented.

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