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Reddit Slams Man for Criticizing Girlfriend’s ‘Unhinged’ Playlist

A man on Reddit is being slammed online after admitting he criticized his girlfriend’s cleaning playlist.

“My girlfriend has an … eclectic music taste that we had a big argument about last night,” he began his post, explaining that they live together and have a sound system throughout their house, including the living room, dining room and kitchen.

“When I play music, I usually put on an album or two to listen to straight through. My girlfriend likes to put on playlists, and last night she put on, in this order… I honestly just have to write out this playlist because it’s that crazy…” he continued.

The man then listed and critiqued some of his girlfriend’s playlist songs: “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks (“very country”); “The Thieving Magpie” by Rossini (“intense”); “Pink Rover” by Scene Queen (“a weird metal pop mix”); “Dangerous” by Cascada; and “Dogma” by KMFDM, which he called a “metal/electronic song with spoken word lyrics.”

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“After that point, I asked her if she could just pick one playlist or album, or at least something more normal, and put it on because her music was kinda all over the place. She said that she was playing a playlist she made and that it was what she wanted to listen to when she was doing chores,” the man continued.

He added he was “kinda joking” but was also annoyed by the music and called the playlist “unhinged.”

The girlfriend explained that her playlist was meant to be “high-energy” and good to “get up and move around or dance to.”

“I was like, ‘There’s girly pop, classical music, and industrial noise in there tho?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, that’s some of what I like?’ I asked her if she could put on something a little less chaotic, and she said she was cleaning our kitchen. The least I could do is not talk s— about her music tastes,” he wrote.

She then dissed the man’s music taste by claiming he listens to “the same 3 bands every day.”

“On one hand, her music was weird [as f—], and I feel like it’s just common courtesy to play stuff that’s at least kinda chill and could be background music in a shared space? Instead of like the most intense or weird song from every genre possible,” he defended himself.

However, Reddit commenters did not agree with the man’s rude critique of his girlfriend’s music taste.

“Cleaner picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole,” one person wrote.

“She’s cleaning your shared spaces; stop complaining,” another blasted him.

“I’d bet money your taste in music isn’t as good as you think it is,” someone else commented.

Another person summed it up best: “Wtf is is a ‘normal’ music taste? It’s all subjective, and what one person likes could be hated by the next. You have no right to tell others that they have ‘weird’ or ‘chaotic’ tastes when yours are likely just as said adjectives. Y’all could just put in earbuds/earplugs or whatever if it’s that bothersome.”

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