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Reddit Slams Dad Who Took Photos of Shirtless Teen at Beach

Reddit slammed a dad for taking photos of his shirtless son while on vacation, despite the teenager’s request for “no photos.”

The 18-year-old explained he was on vacation at a resort with his family when they decided to go to the beach. The teen agreed he would join them under one condition: no photos.

His family agreed.

“It’s been a fact for years that I don’t like my photo being taken. It’s nothing new,” the teen wrote in his post.

The following day, the family went to the beach, where the teen reminded his parents of their no-photos agreement. However, once he was in his bathing suit and swimming in the ocean, he noticed his dad snapping photos of him.

“I’m swimming, and my dad takes pictures of me without my consent. I shake my head, put my arms up, and tell him to stop, but he continues and smiles while doing so,” he wrote.

The teen confronted his dad, who defended himself by saying, “You’re my son. I can take pictures of you if I want.”

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“I understand that he wanted to take a pic of me to commemorate the time at the beach, and that’s cool… but he did the one thing I asked him not to, and I know these photos go on Facebook,” the teen shared, explaining that’s his “exact fear”: “I don’t need a shirtless photo being seen by all of my extended family and friends.”

The teen admitted that, in order to stop the pictures from ending up on social media, he later went onto his dad’s phone and deleted the photos of himself.

In the comments section, Reddit users were appalled by the dad’s disrespectful actions and slammed him for breaking his son’s trust.

“I have a daughter in elementary school. I ALWAYS ask her if I can take her picture before I do it. I also ask her if she is okay with me sharing it on Instagram. (My profile is private. It’s just my family and close friends.) I want her to make the choice of how widely her images are shared on social media when she is old enough to make that choice. I am not going to make it for her,” one person commented.

“That’s a violation of your privacy, and you did what you had to do. I grew up with a parent like that, and it caused a lot of damage. I’m sorry he treats you that way,” another wrote.

“Your family should respect your body and your requests,” someone else shared.

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