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Psycho Disco! Label Boss Delivers Impressive Remix

Psycho Disco! Label Boss Delivers Impressive Remix

What’s better than grabbing a banging house track on the day it gets released? How about getting four different remixes at the same time. GhettoblasterFuzzy Cufflinx, and ZXX team up for their new single, ‘Knock Knock‘. This is the first 2018 release on Treasure Fingers‘ label, Psycho Disco! And one the remixes this classically Chicago house tune comes from the label boss himself.

While the other remix artists lend excellent industrial and disco vibes to ‘Knock Knock,’ the Treasure Fingers Ain’t Home Remix feels perfect for this moment. And we’re bringing you an exclusive premiere a day before the single and remixes drop on February 16th.

This remix captures everything impressive from the original and takes it to another level. From the beginning the track Treasure Ringers utilizes the melodies that stand out in ‘Knock Knock’ to build a fresh, active soundscape for the listener. Precise sound engineering paired with a variety unique and intricate sounds give the track a clubby, underground feel. The familiar “Knock Knock! Who is it, baby? Knock Knock! Who is it?” from the original is repeated like a mantra while dripping synth phrases draw you deeper into the music. Treasure Fingers’ newest release is the perfect blend tech, house, and deep vibes for the start 2018.

Listen below to this incredible and timely track. Let us know what you think about the Treasure Fingers Ain’t Home Remix ‘Knock Knock’. You can pre-order the  or buy your copy when it drops on Friday February 26th on Psycho Disco!