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Premiere: Yajna Releases Inspiring Music Video Titled “You Are Beautiful”

We have the distinct pleasure to announce the release of London based artist Yajna’s latest music video titled “You Are Beautiful” on Nuevo Culture today. This positive, hopeful, and inspiring sonic and visual project is the perfect soundtrack for anyone having a hard time, in need of a reminder of how beautiful they are.

Self-love and awareness of our true selves are the messages conveyed by Yajna on her latest music video, one that resonates long after it plays in the listener’s head so much it contains soul, generosity, catchy melodic elements, and strikingly beautiful visuals. 

Yajna announced that “You Are Beautiful” is the first part of the trilogy about the rising Phoenix, where she will tell the tale of her journey from her lowest point to her highest one, and the process in between. 

Her unique musical vision consists of an epic and dreamy mix of soul and R&B, the ideal foundation for her to layer atop her angelic vocals that transmit her deep emotions, messages, and energies. 

“This song is about how all of us are beautiful within ourselves. I want to give people a message to be true to themselves and tell themselves they are beautiful” says Yajna. 

Following-up in style on “Natten Lång”, a Swedish ballad about a painful breakup, “You Are Beautiful” is in perfect alignment with what she has been generously and graciously sharing with her fan base, a song that will undoubtedly help cement her rise in the music scene. 

Watch “You Are Beautiful” below and follow Yajna on Social Media: