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Premiere: Songstress Jahnya Brings A Sultry Island Sound To Her "Inner-G" Video

Feelings of being misunderstood in the realm of love is usually the basis for love songs, we love those types of tunes that unwrap our deepest emotion for others and how we love ourselves. Take new singer/songwriter Jahnya for instance, on her new single “Inner-G,” is a play on words but a direct hit in  letting her lover know exactly what is needed for smooth relations.

The Queens, NY vocalist with a sweet smile laces the bouncy riddim with snappy catch phrases and words of endearment like, “I really don’t like fight/who really cares who right?!” This sentiment is one that leads to many a fuss between men and women in relationships. Arguments and disagreements tend to overshadow the true feelings a couple shares, Jahnya addresses that like, “[The song] is about love and its rollercoaster moments. It’s about solutions and growth.” 

In the video, we see Jahnya in various everyday moments with her love interest, those moments that define closeness and intimacy. “I’m asking for him to choose his ‘Inner-G’, who he is at the core. The man that would release the old habits and do what’s necessary to make the relationship work,” she explains. 

After having a few songs out previous to this release, Jahnya is looking forward to getting her work, the forthcoming “The Makings of Me” project, out to the people, “I’m excited about this project!” It’ll surely define her grind and add the flavors of her Jamaican and Costa Rican heritages. 

Check the video, her music, and her IG Live as she speaks directly to the people below. Trust, she is one to watch on the rise.


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