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PREMIERE: Selena y Los Dinos’ Joe Ojeda Releases ‘Bombear La Sangre’ With Victoria La Mala & Yorch

With all the recent Selena Quintanilla buzz in the air, we couldn’t help but wonder what happened with the rest of her original band, Los Dinos. Luckily, we caught wind of what one of the former bandmates was up to. We’re talking about Selena’s ex-keyboardist and Tejano veteran Joe Ojeda. Exclusively on Remezcla, he’s premiering his newest track, “Bombear La Sangre,” with Mexican singer Victoria La Mala and Texan artist Yorch today (March 24). 

In “Bombear La Sangre,” you hear Ojeda’s distinctive “Baila Esta Cumbia” sound, which helped cement Quintanilla’s legacy. The new track executes a nostalgic ‘90s sonidero, which came about after Ojeda recognized that his passion is all about making these types of catchy melodies. Prior to this collaboration, the trio worked together on songs like “Nuestra Tierra” and “Dueña de Tu Cama,” which helped them identify their sound as an ensemble.

Through a written statement, Ojeda tells Remezcla that the song’s recording session ultimately helped him reconnect with his roots and guided him back to his “Los Dinos” musical essence that he had since lost. “We were just playing around, talking about working out, and next thing you know estábamos bombeando la sangre [pumping the blood] with a melody I had in my head,” Ojeda says about the track’s origin.

After Yorch pushed Ojeda to explore his past and get into the Los Dinos mindset, the cumbia came to life. At the same time, Victoria La Mala’s tone of urgency came from the fact that she was recording and dealing with morning sickness in hot El Paso, Texas, weather. With these two factors in mind, the three created “Bombear La Sangre,” which blended Ojeda’s infectious melody-making with Victoria La Mala’s demanding raw vocals.

“Working with Victoria and Yorch is really a rewarding experience. It reminds me of back in the day with Los Dinos and how everyone brought their own unique piece to the musical puzzle. We’re definitely going to keep working on more music together,” Ojeda shares about the final product.

In addition to this collaboration, Ojeda recently worked with another iconic member of Los Dinos: Selena’s ex-husband and rock guitarist Chris Perez — which we can’t wait to listen to, by the way. The two band members have stayed in contact throughout the years, and Ojeda assures us that they continue to make music together. 

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Bombear La Sangre” below.