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Premiere: Nraakors Take The Listener On A Magical Trip Through Rock, Neoclassical, Jazz & Electronic Music In New Album ‘Hoppel Poppel’

Iowa-based band Nraakors have just released their latest project, a collection of nineteen compositions released under the form of an album titled Hoppel Poppel, produced, written, and arranged by them. 

Nraakors is the brainchild of James Kasper, Joseph Norman, and Gigi Macabre. Their music includes aspects of grunge, prog, noise rock, thrash metal, jazz fusion, folk, neoclassical, and free improv. The result is a bit like the composers; weird, a bit rough hewn, somewhat sentimental, and equal parts sardonic and sincere. 

James Kasper and Joseph Norman have teamed-up to co-compose the album, with Gigi Macabre as the co-lyricist. The name Nraakors was created using an algorithm Joseph applied to the letters of their last names. The album was recorded using former band-mates, friends and a college senior pianist.

Arranged to provide a cinematic feel when listening through the entire CD, Hoppel Poppel is a unique work of art in which James Kasper, Joseph Norman, Gigi Macabre, and Jonathan display their wonderful creative and vision of sound.   

Hoppel Poppel consists of 11 rock songs, 6 neo-classical instrumentals (with saxophone, piano, and cello), one jazz piece and one work with synthesizer and applied live electronics.

The cinematic Hoppel Poppel is a masterwork, home to extraordinary genre-bending innovations that will take the audience by surprise, raising the excitement for their upcoming album that Nraakors has already started recording.