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Premiere: Listen To John Doe’s Incredible Fusion Of Samba And Baile Funk In New Single & Music Video “Cheguei Pra Ficar”

After the critically acclaimed electro-pop French single “c’est la fin du monde,” a sublime French electro-pop single dropped in 2020, John Doe returns with one of the most energetic and motivational hymns of the year, “Cheguei Pra Ficar,” blending samba and baile funk in an incredibly special way.  

Not a label, not an association, and not a collective, JohnDoe has been bringing together artists from all around the world. John Doe has mandated himself with the mission to help audiences discover new talents, encouraging musical creation and supporting artistic freedom through an original and inspiring approach. With no defined musical universe, no specific style or format, and with artists changing with each track released,  the project sees the participation of singers, topliners, beatmakers, songwriters, producers, and sound engineers; all under the name John Doe. John Doe’s debut release, “c’est la fin du monde,” counts over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. 

The new single “Cheguei Pra Ficar,” is an uplifting number, a motivational anthem promoting feelings of joy.  From French electropop to a savvy mixture of samba and baile funk, John Doe’s versatility stems from its artistic structure, feeding the listener with pure feelings of love, understanding and ethereal beauty. 

At a time when the world is heavily impacted by the pandemic, such music comes as a blessing, to bring uplifting and positive vibes to the masses who need it more than ever. While “c’est la fin du monde” revolved around the necessity for gratefulness, deploying a deep analysis on the crisis humanity is going through, “Cheguei Pra Ficar” is a Portuguese sung single that bridges and juggles between different genres, bringing to life John Doe’s artistic vision into a track that will undeniably spark mass appeal for all music lovers in the world.

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