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PREMIERE: Kiko El Crazy & El Alfa Take Over Pica Pollo Joa In “Pichirry” Video

Kiko El Crazy is back at it again with El Alfa. The Dominican artist returns to his neighborhood with El Alfa in his “Pichirry” music video, which premieres on Remezcla today. In an exclusive interview, Kiko El Crazy also discussed his upcoming album Pila e Teteo, and what’s coming next. 

Kiko El Crazy is one of the artists leading the way for the globalization of Dominican dembow. Last year, he released his breakthrough album Llegó El Domi. On the LP, the Black Eyed Peas’ featured on “Latina,” Arcángel jumped on “Te Doblaste,” and El Alfa joined him for “Busca Un Culo.”

“I’m very happy to be one of the faces of the genre,” Kiko El Crazy tells Remezcla. “I feel so proud to be able to represent dembow around the world. Representing a genre and a culture keeps me focused and working hard.”

“Pichirry” isn’t the first time Kiko El Crazy and El Alfa work together. Kiko El Crazy received the co-sign from El Alfa a few years ago on the multiple collaborations released together. “It was a pleasure to work with him again,” Kiko El Crazy adds. “Working with El Alfa is always a new lesson for me to learn something new from him. El Alfa is a person who works very meticulously on songs until he feels they are ready to put out.”

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The popular chicken restaurant Pica Pollo Joa in Kiko El Crazy’s neighborhood of Los Minas inspired him to create the new dembow banger. He explains that “Pichirry” is Dominican slang to describe the butt of the chicken. Kiko El Crazy was excited to film the playful music video with El Alfa at the restaurant.

“Filming the video together was awesome!” Kiko El Crazy says. “We filmed in my barrio Los Minas where Pica Pollo Joa is. I brought El Alfa to my barrio, and I got to show him around. I was very happy. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. It was fun to film the video with all the people and kids dancing and having fun.”

Kiko El Crazy will release his next album Pila e Teteo on April 13. In what he calls a “new era” in his career, Kiko El Crazy promises to surprise his fans with his refreshing take on Dominican dembow. On this release, he features even more Dominican acts like Chimbala, Angel Dior, CJ, Treintisiete 3730, Flow 28, and Yomel el Meloso. La Mala Rodriguez, Braulio el Fogón, El Yala, and El Fother will also be featured on the LP.  

“With this album ‘Pila e Teteo,’ what you’re going to get from me is teteo,” he says. “That’s why the album has that name. Each song has a different mood, but all of them are dembow. This album is very Dominican. There are a lot of Dominican dembow artists on it. There are songs of all different styles within the dembow genre.”

Watch the video premiere here: