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Premiere: Emerging Brazilian Artist Lua Gior Introduces Herself To The World With Beautiful Romantic Pop Ballad Titled “Hideaway”

Today, emerging Brazilian artist of Italian descent Lua Gior premiered her latest pop ballad titled “Hideaway” available on all platforms as of today May 1st! This compelling blend of pop-inspired sonic constructions home to some of the most exquisite romantic vibes, displays the rising artist’s solid abilities at sharing emotional and heartfelt lyrics that beautifully harmonize with her magnificent vocal performance. 

Born in São Paulo, she started writing in secret as a way to cope with her reality when she was only eight years old, especially after the passing of her father that left her devastated. 

One of the most impactful debut singles we’ve heard in a while, “Hideaway” unveils the Brazilian artist’s vivid creativity and raw talent to the world, beautifully reflecting her life struggles, from regrets, feelings of loss and lack, and yet succeeds at also distilling strength, resilience, and the overall message that one can overcome any tough moments arising in their lives. 

Layered atop nostalgic arrangements infected with electronic, folk, rock and ambient influences she inherited from her background in music, Lua Gior’s dazzling vocal technique is impressive with consistency from start to finish. “Hideaway” was co-written, produced and mixed by Raffa Gama-Dantas, recorded at Baticum Studio in Brazil, and mastered at the Metropolis Studio in London by John Davis, who has worked with Dua Lipa and Adele, just to name a few. 

Ideally introducing Lua Gior to the world of music lovers, “Hideaway” is set to cement her rise as an extremely skilled artist who has so much to share with her audience.