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PREMIERE: Eliyanah Shares Her Unapologetic Exploration of Breakups in “My Love”

London-based singer-songwriter Eliyanah announced her latest song called “My Love”. This is a nostalgic composition through which the singer expresses her view on love and relationships, a very relatable topic.  

A natural-born leader, Eliyanah has produced great music in alternative, Indie, and electronic pop. Her debut was a much-awaited romantic song “Love Burned Out” that gathered over 100K views on Spotify alone. A dreamy, nostalgic palette covers the fabric of the song, making the listener reminisce about love lost or forgotten. The clip for “Love Burned Out” was produced by highly acclaimed producer Ben Scott who has previously worked with Ed Sheeran, Tom Walker, Mahalia, and others. 

Eliyanah started her journey in music and performing as a child with the help of her family. She was first recorded in her father’s recording studio at the age of eight and then continued her path to performing in churches across Europe with over 6,000 attendees. 

Her compassionate nature drove Eliyanah to volunteer with various charities across the globe, traveling to India, Uganda, Romania and also providing invaluable experience for the artist. Putting all the heartfelt emotions into music, Eliyanah completely reinvented her style, fusing several pop genres into a lovely mix. 

“Love Burned Out” marked the beginning of Eliyanah’s professional musical career. And “My Love” is set to establish her as an impressive figure and dramatically increase the number of her listeners. 

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