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Playboi Carti Joins Forces With Travis Scott on New Song 'Love Hurts'

After making a huge splash with his self-titled debut project last April, Playboi Carti has kept things relatively quiet in 2018. Hungry to swat any ounce of doubt regarding his musical output, he returns with his new track “Love Hurts” featuring Travis Scott. 

Peppering his ad-libs all throughout the tuneful record, Carti sports a relaxed flow, while allowing Scott to barge his way through with his infectious energy. With his verse drenched in Auto-Tune, Scott gloats about his rock-star mentality, which he deems as the catalyst to stealing any girl he wants on site. “Out there spendin' it loosely, bigger the diamonds, I'm juicy/ Fuck with the jeans, it's Gucci, I been out livin' unruly,” croons Scott.

In March, news surfaced that Carti's debut album was complete. “Magnolia” producer Pierre Bourne tantalized fans on Twitter, suggesting that the label asked him to announce that project was ready to go. “Somebody from the label wants me to tweet Carti’s albums done,” read the cryptic tweet from Bourne. When asked who requested he make the announcement, in succinct fashion, Bourne responded: “Me.” 

Listen to “Love Hurts” below.