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Pay Like You Weigh: Companies Who Have Donated To Social Injustice Causes

As a multitude of organizations continue to mobilize it is clear the war against racism will need adequate funding. Thankfully some brands are stepping up to support the cause.

Since the murder of George Floyd the plight of the Black community is top priority for the world thus anyone with a brain has asked themselves how they too can help. Thankfully his untimely passing has gotten major players to consider their role in trying to fix a broken system. Last week which reunites incarcerated mothers with their families. Fellow Toronto native to several organizations including the newly launched legal fund of Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. Hell, even will be paying Floyd’s daughter Gianna’s college tuition.

Naturally the philanthropic spirit has spread to some of the top brands in the world. This is key as it not only continues to fuel the cause but shows that these corporations deserve our dollars and more importantly our mind share. Here a list of companies that have donated to social justice.

This list will be continuously updated.

Photo: David Woods

1. Wendy’s

2. Twitter

4. Warner Music Group

5. The Walt Disney Company

6. YouTube


8. WeWork

9. Uber

10. Google