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Parents Ask Adult Daughter to Give Up Apartment to Gamer Brother

Reddit users are coming to the defense of a woman who shared that her family insisted she give up her affordable apartment so her struggling brother can live there instead.

The woman, 23, moved out of her parents’ house earlier than her brother, 32, when she found an apartment located close to her job.

“The place is not the biggest, it’s a one bedroom apartment … but it is enough for one person and rent is very cheap so I’m extremely happy with it. I put a lot of work into it and made sure it’s my little happy space,” she explained via her Reddit post.

The woman shared that initially, her brother started staying over every once in a while, which was fine with her as his job is located closer to her place than their parents’ home.

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However, the problem began when “he started bringing more and more of his stuff to my place” and treating her like a maternal figure. “He brought his PS4, started gaming in my living room and is overall just being a terribly inconsiderate guest and treats me like our mom,” she explained.

Things took a turn when the woman brought the issue up to her parents. Her dad “suggested” she simply let her brother “live there” and get herself a new apartment.

“He said I should look for a bigger place because my brother makes less money and he could afford my place and I could find something better. But I don’t want a bigger apartment. I have no plans to have a family or partner where I would need anything more than one bedroom. And I put so much work into personalizing my apartment that this feels so unfair,” she wrote.

The frustrated woman added that her parents told her she would be an “a–hole” if she kicked her “brother out now for staying over and not giving him the place.”

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Reddit users in the comments section told the woman to stand her ground with her family.

“Please do not let your family bully you into giving up the thing you worked hard for. Your brother is a grown a– man (32 years old) and can definitely find another place if he needs to and can’t be a considerate guest. That is YOUR space and you need to put your foot down/have a strong backbone because clearly your parents are going to side with him once you make it clear you aren’t giving him the place,” one person wrote.

“I can’t decide if your brother has always been your parents’ favorite or if they are just so desperate to get a 32 year old man out of their house that they are willing to screw you over in the process,” another commented.

“Yikes. Kick him out with his stuff and change your locks. Move him before he can claim tenant rights or squatter rights or whatever. Hurry,” someone else advised.

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