The cult author has started selling ‘vintage deadstock lockets’ on the app, complete with handwritten ‘blessings’

No, you’re not hallucinating – it’s likely Ottessa Moshfegh is genuinely in your Depop DMs, asking you to check out her selection of “vintage deadstock lockets”.

The cult author has been on the reselling platform for two years now, having set up an account during the first lockdown in 2020. She started off selling her own outfits from photoshoots and book readings, as well as vintage finds sourced from thrift stores and flea markets (not for a profit, I hope???).

Now, she’s pivoted to selling golden lockets. According to Moshfegh, each locket “comes with a blessing inside”. On TikTok, unboxing videos show coquette girlies opening up their lockets to find little notes bearing affirmations like “May all your dreams come true!” and “I am my own hero” tucked away within the pendants.

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Most of the lockets are priced between $30 and $40. Unfortunately, if you’re not in the US, the author will only ship orders over $100.

Some have pointed out that Moshfegh’s latest enterprise has “real Caroline Calloway energy” while others have suggested that the lockets are actually from AliExpress. But as the TikTok videos prove, this is no scam: buyers really are receiving their lockets and handwritten ‘blessings’.

This all begs the question: why? Is Moshfegh actually a girlboss grifter ripping off her fans? Or is she a sincere lover of vintage jewellery? Have the Lapvona royalties not started to roll in yet? Will she send me a curt “not accepting offers hun x” if I offer her £10 for one of these lockets? Will she end up on @depopdrama one day?

I don’t know, but if you want to try and find the answers, you can check out her Depop here.