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On ‘Príncipe Azul,’ Jame Minogue Reimagines Pop Music’s Fairytale Romance

The Colombian pop star Karol G likes to give back when she can. In a new viral video captured yesterday (June 9), La Bichota surprises fans with free tickets outside of the Auditorio Telmex in Guadalajara, Mexico. This was one of the four stops of her “Bichota Tour Reloaded” in the country.

“Te amo!” the enthusiastic crowd screams as the “MAMIII” singer approaches them, who’s wearing her “Ay Dios Mio” light blue hooded sweater with a pink pixel heart paired with gray sweatpants. The look is complemented with a fuzzy, white bucket hat and white-framed sunglasses in incognito fashion. After a quick chat with the fans standing behind a fence, she begins handing out tickets to those she can reach, clearly making the days of her fans a whole lot better.

“I hope other artist[s] learn from her ❤️ that’s a great gesture! Así se hace Karol G,” an Instagram user replied the viral video. Another Instagram user commented on how “humble” Karol G is by being grateful for all the love she gets.

“Karol G deserves everything that is beautiful in the world,” a Twitter user said about the video.

Karol stays in media headlines for putting her beloved fans first. Earlier this week, she was filmed asking the police why they were spreading tear gas outside of a venue in Ecuador. “If we’re having a good time and the people are fine, why are they throwing gas and things,” she told the police. Concerned about her fans’ safety, she then reminds the police that it’s a closed space and dangerous to throw gas there.

Last month, she sang to young cancer patients in a children’s hospital in Bogotá. “If with my presence I can make someone happy, I will also be very happy,” she reportedly said. “These things do a lot of good for us and also for them. That’s why it’s important to give them back a little of the love they give us every day.”