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Omar Apollo Has Just Partnered Up With a Beauty Brand — & Wow, The Visuals

GRAMMY-nominated singer, songwriter, and TikTok Future Icon Winner, Omar Apollo, is adding another title to his multi-hyphenate status; Brand Ambassador. The artist has partnered with vegan skincare line Youth To The People as the first-ever voice of the brand.

The partnership was announced on Tuesday (July 19). Apollo posted a video to his Instagram account, where he appears to write a letter to himself. “Dear future Omar,” starts the intimate video before he narrates and lists off different things to note for his future self.

According to the press release, Apollo was already a long-time fan of the brand’s Superfruit Cleanser. 

“I’m inspired by the brand and everything they bring to the skincare industry and beyond. I’m looking forward to sharing more about the products I love and use every day.”

Known for its line of pro-grade vegan skincare products made from superfood ingredients, Youth To The People tapped Apollo for their shared values. 

“When we learned he was a fan, we naturally gravitated toward a long-term partnership to truly integrate and realize his unique vision alongside ours,” said Global Brand President Gouzelle Ishmatova.

Omar Apollo will lend his voice to the Superfood Air-whip Moisture Cream, the Superfood Cleanser, and other future category-expanding launches. 

Youth to The People also posted Apollo’s 10-step skincare routine on Instagram, featuring both skincare products behind his name.