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Officer Karen Cries For Cops To “Get A Break” After Having To Wait For McDonald’s

At a time when and protesters are being tear gassed and tazed, a white female officer is asking for the public to go easy on after a local McDonald’s had a delay with her food.

In a tearful rant posted online, the unidentified woman who appears to be an officer in the state of is appearing to be in a parking lot, although it’s unclear if she was still at the where the delay occurred waiting on her food or a manager—detailing the “difficult” situation.

“I got to the 2nd window to get my food. I am waiting, and I am waiting,” the woman said. “The girl comes to the window and asks me what my order was. I repeat my order and my coffee. Um. Order. And they ask me to pull up because my food is not ready…it is an english muffin meal with a hash brown and a coffee…and I’m still waiting…so I pull up…and a girl comes out with my coffee and just the coffee.”

As if the video couldn’t get more dramatic, Officer Karen then proceeds to shed tears before pleading for the public to give police officers “a break.”

“And she hands it to me and I have my window down,” she continued. “And that’s all she gives me—coffee. So I told her, ‘don’t bother with the food’ because right now I am too nervous to take it. Right now I am too nervous to take a meal from McDonalds. Please just give us a break. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Of course many took to social media to point out the officer’s audacity and privilege before pointing out that the officers who murdered are still free and not facing any charges.

While it’s still unknown which precinct the erratic officer works for, Richmond Hill Police Department responded that while she is not an employee of their department, the proper authorities have been alerted.