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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Takes Coronavirus Test On Live TV

Much has been said about the uncomfortable testing method for the but with the pandemic continuing to rage throughout the world, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo decided to show just how quick and easy the test can be.

Stressing the importance of testing and imploring New Yorkers to go out and get tested for the virus at Sunday’s press conference, Gov. Cuomo decided to get tested himself on live TV to prove you don’t have to be “New York tough” to go through the procedure. Standing up straight while a doctor in protective gear inserted a nasal swab into his nose to take a sample, the moment was a stern reminder of what elected officials are supposed to do in order to reassure their constituents that at the end of the day we’re all in this together.

Doesn’t look comfortable at all, but does look simple enough.

Though the curve of the Coronavirus has been going downward for some time now, Cuomo feels that “We just don’t have enough New Yorkers coming to be tested,” and hopes that his example will be enough to convince everyone in the Big Apple to go out and make sure they aren’t running around with The Rona in their system.

As for whether or not we’ll learn the results, Cuomo did state that if he tested positive for COVID-19 he’d be MIA at the next daily press conference.

Props to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for continuing to be the kind of leader that people need in a time of crisis. No conspiracy theories, not lies, no defrauding the American people. Just blunt honesty while walking the walk.

Such elected officials seem to be in short supply these days.