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New Twitter Feature Will Give Life To Old Tweets

There’s always a tweet, and you used to have to go digging to find them. Now thanks to a new update from , it will be a lot easier to revisit those gems and give them some new energy.

Twitter announced its latest update will allow users to quickly add a tweet that is being composed and connect it to an older one that has already been shared. Basically, all you have to do is pull-down to see the past tweets and either hit the “continue thread” or ellipsis button to select the earlier tweet you want to add to.

Of course, this isn’t a new thing to do, it’s just a more efficient and quicker way about continuing a conversation you have previously moved on from or to correct the mistake of a previous tweet. Now honestly, you’re probably saying why don’t they just add an edit button as well, but Twitter’s CEO, , has shot that idea down by flat out saying, “The answer is no.” His reasoning? He wants to keep the vibe Twitter started with when it was just a text message service stating:

“As you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back. We wanted to preserve that vibe, that feeling, in the early days.”

Whatever that means. Well, this latest update is a welcomed one, you can see it in action in the gif below and will be slowly rolled out to users. Let us know how you feel about the new feature in the comment section below.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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