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New Single “Temporary” From Mayia Is Out Now

“Temporary,” Mayia’s new song, is out now. Mayia Cohen bursts onto the scene with a bang, showcasing her stunning vocals as she does so. It’s fascinating to see her voice change from grave to fun, sorrowful to joyous, one at a time. Fans will be left wanting more of this dynamic, colorful, and luscious track. It was at the age of six that the artist started his musical career. When she was ten years old, she began taking singing and piano lessons as well as drumming classes. Also, Mayia Cohen plays the Saxophone, which she employs in her performances. As everyone who’s seen Mayia Cohen in action knows, she’s a force to be reckoned with. “Temporary” is the opening track of Mayia’s new album, which features her eight most distinctive tracks.

The sound she produces is a unique mashup of R&B, pop, and jazz that is both elegant and refined. Mayia aims to carve out her own path in the music industry with the help of her distinctive musical style. Her words and music are both expressions of her feelings, ideas, and worldviews, which are reflected in both. Sincerity is a key component in allowing her to share her own sentiments and experiences with her audience, motivating young women with the courage and confidence to do the same. Mayia, a talented young artist, has a lot to say. Each of Mayia’s songs reveals a different side of her intrinsic skill. The song “Temporary” is sure to wow everyone and establish Mayia as a productive performer in the music business.

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