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New Rosalía Meme Unlocked – Here Are Some of the Funniest

The Internet took Rosalía’s live performance from her MOTOMAMI track “BIZCOCHITO” to the next level. Social media users are currently using the song’s intro as a meme – and we can’t get enough of it.

The trend started earlier this month when videos of her MOTOMAMI World Tour surfaced. Not only did the fan-recorded videos reveal her surprising setlist and an unreleased song called “DESPECHA,” but it also created a meme with “BIZCOCHITO.” Let’s just say the tour is having a moment with its new trend full of the Catalonian singer’s attitude.

The compilation of videos shows the “SAOKO” singer on stage in long pigtails, giving an exaggerated, full of attitude facial expression while mimicking chewing gum, giving an “as if!” gesture, and fittingly topping it off with her right hand on her waist. Okay, girl! We see you!

It’s unclear if the Spanish singer is aware of it, but online users couldn’t help but recreate the overstated look and create memes about it. Here are some of our favorites across social media platforms.

The trend has particularly taken over TikTok, where the popular user Paqjonathan uploaded his recreation of the meme. His caption reads, “When my mom asks me to go out to greet the visitors…” paired with “Bizcochito”’s live intro. It currently has 48.5 thousand likes and 314.1 thousand views.

Another TikTok user, toomanygabys’, approach was about the attitude she gives meeting new people. She captioned it with: “When my best friend wants to introduce me to her new friends.”

Twitter, of course, also had to chime in, tapping into pop culture moments rather than recreating real-life situations. 

Before the three Rosalías in one meme, online users were already cracking jokes about her expression.

What can we say? The Internet loves a good meme-able moment! Rosalía is currently on her MOTOMAMI World Tour, which will surely give more to talk about. We’ll keep an eye out for any other viral moments from her live performances.