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New Releases to Add to Your Playlist Christian Alicea to Jarina De Marco

Immerse yourself in our weekly digest of new music releases, expertly reviewed by our seasoned music critics. Delve into this treasure trove of fresh tracks, and you might just come away with some newfound favorites. Among the featured artists of the week are Christian Alicea, Jarina De Marco with Emmanuel Horvilleur, and The Red Pears. Enhance your musical journey by following our playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, which includes all of these new tracks and much more.

Opening the list is Puerto Rican singer Christian Alicea, who releases his new video for “Bendiciones Mama y Pape”. This heartfelt offering combines salsa and rap rhythms to portray an intimate story about parental love and guidance. Alicea uses this track to convey his gratitude towards his parents, stating online that seeing their pride is his utmost joy. The artist continues, “Because of them I can’t stop, because of them I try to be a better human being and because of them I am what I am.” This powerful sentiment is captured in the song’s introspective lyrics and the artist’s passionate performance in the music video, shot in a recreation of his childhood room adorned with inspirational posters, including one of his role model, Héctor Lavoe.

Jarina De Marco, the alt-pop sensation, also features this week with her latest track “Coca-Cola”. This captivating banger, oozing sensuality, positions De Marco as the ‘last Coke in the desert’ – an irresistible temptation. De Marco dominates the track with her sultry vocals, and Emmanuel Horvilleur of Illya Kuryaki elevates the song with a verse that effortlessly maintains the cool vibe. The song is all about indulgence, as its alluring beats and De Marco’s seductive sighs and coos are likely to stimulate more than just the desire to dance.

These songs and many more comprise this week’s compilation, offering listeners an eclectic mix of music. Tune in and allow these fresh releases to transform your playlist and potentially, your musical preferences. Happy listening! – Jeanette Hernandez & Marcos Hassan