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New Music: Cardi B, Talib Kweli & Diamond D, VanJess, Vellcrow, Kai Ca$h, Passport Rav, Kay Anthony, Conway & Big Ghost

The times are so ill, that Cardi B is back with a banger  (“Up”), while Talib and Diamond D return with one as well. In Cardi’s case, you have to wonder if Covid-19 tests were on deck at that video shoot! We are sure they were, but those tongue licks looked super serious (!). What needs to be mentioned is how confident Cardi is in this particular video. You can tell she feels a way about the throng of pushing the sexual limit women rappers that are coming for the crown that she rocks. So if you thought she was raunchy with with raps and imagery before, then don’t even bother putting your pearls on to clutch. She’s going to knock your socks off with this one. Added note, I like how it ends and you think she’s starting another verse. Would be ill if she did a remix and started from that point (hey, Atlantic Records…pay me in bitcoin for that one!).

Cardi B – “Up”

Talib and D joined forces as a new duo named Gotham…word to Batman. “On Mamas” finds them rocking all over the metropolitan (mainly New York), with notable celebs like Doug E. Fresh, Aloe Black, Common and more. It’s really good to hear some boom bap beats and fresh rhymes attached. In an Instagram reply to me about the union’s music, Talib said the album they created is an ode to New York. I can’t wait to hear it.

Talib Kweli & Diamond D – “On Mamas”

I was looking around for some new R&B to add and it literally came across my search organically by way of one of those gossip sites that I love on the low (will have more on that later, haha). Yet, the duo of VanJess are the ones that won my heart today. The beautiful and angelic vocals of Ivana and Jessica Nwokike (Nigerian sisters) are sure to have you floating. The collab with Brooklyn’s groovy PhonyPpl is the perfect match in cool out camp. The soulful disco bounce of “Caught Up” is needed in these trap R&B times, a refreshing throwback that fits for the now.

VanJess – “Caught Up”

With Vellcrow, I first heard about him last year when his high octane single, “Go” made the rounds. It was poppin’ so much that comparisons between his song and Lil Pump’s “Pump Rock” got sized up as a copy of Crow’s. Regardless of the mini-drama, ‘Crow kept it moving and has reshaped his sound to go even deeper into the rock and rap rage machine with his newest single, “New Rock.” The Kiss rock group/Dead Presidents movie inspired face paint may throw you for a loop at first, but once you hear him and the energy he’s bringing, you’ll understand  his movement fully. Be on the look out for the Philly native’s new LP called The Crow’s Nest.

Vellcrow – “New Rock”

There are guys that make headway in this music game based on who they know and are affiliated with, thus being able to make strides that those without those connections can’t make. Even with Kai Ca$h’s big time links he still prefers his way of letting his talent and music break the barriers for him. I totally respect him for it, as through his musical journey, we are able to see him refine his skills and become more in tune with his path and more consistent in producing quality product. Check Kai and his homie, CEO Trayle on this new heat beater, “Back Doe.”

Kai Ca$h X CEO TRAYLE – “Back Doe”

It’s amazing to see new artists come up in the game and find their lane. Not just a signature sound, but how to maneuver and make unions to enhance their skills and soundwave. Passport Rav has done this and continues to improve with every outing. The last project I checked from him was the album titled, Pink Range, a collab with the homie BWLR of Harlem, NY. It was more an homage to the old New York. Very street soul, but hard and direct at the same time. I found Rav’s newest solo offering, Travel Ban, finds him holding on to the more rugged but ever smooth side of explaining his mental state, especially on tracks like “Drift In The Darkness.” He also features the Chicago rap renegade, Chris Crakk, one of my faves of the times. Get into Rav’s sound.

Passport Rav – “Too Close to the TV”

Now, Kay Anthony is one of those artists that just bleeds his art. I believe if this dude didn’t get to release his thoughts through music, he would lose his mind. It’s amazing how music and the flow of sonic expression is truly medicine for the mental. Kay has some of the best ideas and implements his visions in various videos and projects, while doing so, he’s another one that is growing and learning the business at the same time. When an artist, like say a Jay-Z, is able to focus on only music, greatness happens. That learning curve doesn’t always present its self for many artists that have to create and control their careers on the business side at the same time. You don’t get to learn them at the same speed often without help. I see Kay doing it all on his own and understand his pursuit of happiness and prosperity within the music industry. Kay, you got this…keep going.

Kay Anthony – “2K21 Freestyle”

Conway The Machine & Big Ghost LTD – If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed

And all I can say about Conway & Big Ghost linking up again for another album is to listen to If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed, because they are dope. End of story.