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NBA Twitter Drags Shaq By His Rusty Toenail For Coming At Tim Duncan’s Five Championships

will go down in history as one of the most talented big men to ever grace the basketball court and there’s no denying his dominance in the game. However, The Big Aristotle believes that a shortened season and subsequent championship won’t count in his eyes, and he harkened back to one of ‘s championship wins to prove his point.

During a recent airing of his The Big Podcast show, Shaq expressed a desire to scrap the rest of the 2019-2020 NBA season, saying that resuming will essentially taint the quality of the championship. The Hall of Famer went back to that chamber of thought yet again on the latest episode of his podcast, this time aiming words at the San Antonio Spurs big man while discrediting one of his NBA Finals wins.

Here’s the part where we tell you that Duncan and the Spurs swept Shaq and the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1998-1999 shortened season during the semifinals on their way to capturing the title.

“And I would tell Mr. Duncan this to his face. You have four rings, yeah it says you have five, but the asterisks doesn’t count. Anything I do, I never want an asterisks about it,” Shaq said on the podcast.

Shaq isn’t exactly worried about the opinion of fans who disagree with him and doubled down on his personal assessment that Duncan and the Spurs stole a ring in that 50-game season, which was partially halted by then-commissioner David Stern and the team owners due to the drafting of a new collective bargaining agreement and all the moving parts within.

NBA Twitter is currently frying Shaquille O’Neal for trying to take Tim Duncan’s shine down a notch and we’ve got those reactions listed below.

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