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Muslim Hijabi Hooper Jamad Fiin Dubbed Allah Iverson By Basketball Twitter

There are few things more impressive than watching a player with handles displaying athletic prowess and quickness no matter the size of the person or their gender. Jamad Fiin is one such hooper and a new video she uploaded has many on social media referring to her as Allah Iverson.

Fiin, who resides in Boston, Mass., shared a TikTok video to social media showing off her dribbling skills complete with spin moves, dribbling with her feet, and more, all while wearing the traditional Muslim garb for women, . Fiin, who is currently a guard for the Emmanuel College women’s team, is of Somalian descent and has been uploading videos of her displaying her abilities for quite some time.

After finding some traction on Twitter and Instagram, Fiin has been applying the same video sharing strategy to the extremely popular TikTok app and has since become something of a sensation. However, it’s her latest clip that has seemingly caught the eyes of many on Twitter this morning hence the new nickname.

Of course, Twitter wouldn’t be the place it is without some hate from armchair coaches who said that Fiin carried the ball and traveled. It’s a skill display, not an actual game, folks. Either way, Fiin has serious handles and while she doesn’t attend some large Divison I school with television cameras all throughout, it’s refreshing to see that the love for the game isn’t motivated by gender or religion.

It should be noted, however, that there are some in the Muslim community who probably aren’t too keen on the use of the name of Allah in this instance. We just want to be clear about that.

Check out some of Twitter’s reaction to Jamad Fiin, AKA Allah Iverson, below.

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