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Multi-Talented Artist, Singer-Songwriter Charmain Devi Release to Singles, ‘No Peace’ & ‘Radio Of None’

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, singer-songwriter Charmian Devi has released two new singles titled, ‘No Peace’ and ‘Radio Of None’ that resemble contemporary alternative rock. The artist who recorded the tracks in New York City has decided to dedicate the songs to the troubled times we are all experiencing today. 


Going for indie and soulful vibes, the skillful artist has fully allowed herself to produce two masterpieces with a heartwarming and encouraging message. The powerful songs each have the perfect sound to listen to whilst going through hard times even after the pandemic comes to an end. Charmain Devi, a thoughtful singer, has created the perfect version of her craft and wanted to do her part to help people who are struggling in life. Check out her inspiring music below.