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Morat Begins World Stadium Tour in Madrid: A Return to Their Roots

“Welcome to our dream,” singer Juan Pablo Isaza told fans at the Civitas Metropolitano Stadium. Morat‘s journey began in Madrid back in 2015 when they performed at the intimate El Intruso bar for just over 100 people. Since then, their career has steadily grown, allowing them to savor each achievement. On Friday, June 21, the Colombian pop rock band kicked off their first stadium tour, “Hasta Que Amanezca“, performing to a massive crowd of 56,000 fans in Madrid, the city where their story began. Reflecting on their first show, bassist Simón Vargas recalls the intense pressure they felt: “It was a big opportunity that we couldn’t waste.”

The tour’s opening night began at 10:03 p.m. with opening acts Depol and Susana Cala. The Bogota quartet, comprised of Juan Pablo Isaza (lead vocals and guitar), Juan Pablo Villamil (guitar), Martín Vargas (drums), and Simón Vargas (bass), started the night with “Cómo Te Atreves“, followed by “506” and a burst of confetti, setting the energetic tone for the evening.

“Welcome to our dream, Madrid,” Isaza said. “As many of you know, we are proudly Colombian, but our career started in Madrid. You have been part of this dream as much as we have. Tonight, we have a proposal: let’s make this night unforgettable.”

This heartfelt introduction led into “Mi Nuevo Vicio“, the song that brought them fame, with the audience singing along passionately. The light bracelets given to attendees played a key role, especially during songs like “Mil Tormentas” and an interactive segment where the crowd chose the next song. The choices were “No Hay Más Que Hablar” (blue), “En Un Solo Día” (pink), and “Acuérdate De Mí” (yellow). The audience’s choice was “Acuérdate De Mí.”

One challenge for Morat was engaging such a large audience while maintaining an intimate atmosphere. “We’ve never had shows on such a big stage to move freely, and figuring out how to do that has been a challenge,” Vargas said. The band met this challenge, moving along a huge catwalk and keeping a strong connection with the audience throughout the night.

Each band member had moments to shine solo, creating personal connections with the fans. One of the most intimate moments occurred on a second stage, where they performed more relaxed songs, each with a glass of wine. They also introduced “Antes De Los 30,” a new version of “Antes de los 20“, reflecting their current perspectives.

After over two hours, Morat concluded the show with “Faltas Tú,” leaving Madrid with the excitement of having successfully completed the first date of their stadium tour in such an important city for them. “Our career really started in Spain. In 2016, it was the first time that our name started to become known,” Isaza explained. “So it has a special meaning for us to start the tour where our career began.”

Morat will continue their 24-date tour across 19 stadiums in 14 Latin American countries, starting in Caracas, Venezuela on June 29. Simón Vargas reflects: “As you achieve dreams, you unlock new levels. We want to continue bringing our music to new places, even where Spanish might not be spoken, and see what happens.”