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Miami Nightclub Loses License After Video of Horse Inside Sparks Fury

A Miami Beach club is facing major scrutiny after videos a spooked horse inside the Mokai Lounge surfaced last night. Multiple videos from club-goers show a woman riding a white horse onto the dance floor, subsequently the animal panics and bucks the women f. Now the City Miami Beach has revoked Mokai’s business license.

Meet Club Mokai… This is a club in Miami that thinks it's okay to abuse animals. Spread awareness so this disgusting habit theirs comes to a complete stop! ANIMAL CRUELTY IS NOT OKAY! Bringing a horse into a loud club full smoke and drunk people is a terrifying and risky.

— Nobody (@LilSabotage) March 9, 2018

On Friday, Mayor Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, held a press conference to update the public on what steps have been taken since the news broke earlier today. “This morning we heard about and saw an extremely troubling video what can only be described as insane stupidity and irresponsibility”- Mayor Dan Gelber. You can watch a clip the press conference here.

The Mayor is not the only person calling out Mokai for their inexcusable act animal abuse. In a video from Local 10 News, reporter Andrew Perez can be seen shaking his head while telling viewers “It’s just unbelievable, even police ficers telling us they are just shocked by this.” A police ficer being interviewed mentions that they have received information that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened at Mokai, but whether those claims are true is still unclear.

While the city is keeping tightlipped about where the horse is now and who owns it, they have launched a full scale investigation and don’t seem to be taking this matter lightly. Mokai has not released a statement yet and has not responded to any calls from multiple publications.

Animal activists and social media users alike have been publicly shaming the club all day, even leaving pages and pages negative reviews on Mokai’s Yelp.

This is a developing story.