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Meet Spain’s Most Streamed Artist And No, It’s Not Rosalía Or C. Tangana

There’s a new name bubbling up in the Spanish music landscape and we’d better learn it well and fast: Morad. Hailing from the La Florida neighborhood in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the rapper has connected with young audiences in his country, thanks to his tracks about personal experiences that take inspiration from French hip hop. He recounts his encounters with the police and time he spent in juvie, bringing an openness and honesty to the table, as well as a relaxed flow that opens a window into his life and struggles.

After releasing his debut album M.D.L.R. in 2019, the 21-year-old rapper of Moroccan descent amassed millions of streams. He’s currently the most-watched artist on YouTube in his country, surpassing even Rosalía and C. Tangana. Singles like “Yo No Voy” and “Motorola” helped him gain traction in 2020, when they both went viral on TikTok. He’s also collaborated with local heavyweights like Dellafuente, Kaydy Cain, and Steve Lean.

Morad recently gave fans an intense performance of “Pensamientos,” the last track from his five-song EP M.D.L.R. 2.0, captured by Gallery Sessions, an up-and-coming live series that originated in Barcelona. The series has featured the likes of production extraordinaire Alizzz in collaboration with former Operación Triunfo contestant Amaia, as well as emo trap artist Rojuu and pop singer Paula Cendejas. Looking straight into the camera, Morad delivers his Autotune-drenched rhymes with dexterity, rapping raw lyrics about street hustling while riding melancholic melodies.

For his latest single, “El Coleta,” Morad shows his love for his imprisoned friend and M.D.L.R crew member 2.o.0.m.0.a.1.r. He highlights just how much he understands and connects with his friend’s story over a high-octane, dembow-like beat that gets the blood flowing instantly. The song comes with a video shot by Ivan Salvador that’s all about male camaraderie. Check it out below and get ready for the new era of Morad.