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Marky Mark Wahlberg Dropped Black Lives Matter Tweet, Black Twitter Reminds Everyone Of His Hate Crimes

life has had some wonderful highs and some despicable lows. After the actor dropped a tweet endorsing Black Lives Matter, numerous Twitter users made it their business to remind them the former rapper known as Marky Mark has a whole “hate crimes” chapter of his life.

Wahlberg is a Boston native, he was born in Dorchester, and to say the city has a long history of racism would be an understatement. For a period in the 80’s, Mark was clearly not on the side of righteousness since he was accused and convicted of being part of a mob who chased Black children while yelling racial epithets and also knocked out a Vietnamese man on the street.

While Wahlberg has since apologized for his crimes, and even served 45 days in jail of a 2-year sentence after copping a plea for felony assault, Twitter’s memory is long.

A few days ago he dropped a tweet calling George Floyd’s murder “heartbreaking” while noting “we must all work together to fix this problem.”

Twitter made sure to recall all the receipts from the rapper turned model turned actor’s hate crimes era. It took a while to trend considering Wahlberg’s tweet was a few days ago, but Twitter had time today (June 7).

All things considered, . However, it’s clear why he  nervous about speaking up since his skin tones doesn’t give him the pass it clearly gave Mark Wahlberg.

Peep more of the thanks but no thanks Marky Mark tweets below.









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