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Marc Jacobs’s Earring Isn’t the Only Quirky Part of His Outfit

Marc Jacobs’s Instagram fit pics should be studied in a museum. There is always an art to his #ootd posts: He doesn’t just post outfits, rather a whole thematic mood to go with them, complete with gorgeous settings and thoughtful captions. He will take a selfie in his garden while wearing a Gucci coat and pondering, “Rise and look around you, and, you’ll see who you are… On a clear day how it will astound you… That the glow of your being outshines every star.” Perfection. 

As today is a snow day in the northeast, Jacobs’s latest Instagram upload is set against a wintry backdrop. “Snow what,” he captioned his snow day look, which included a bucket hat, shearling-lined leopard print coat, and pearl necklace. The star of the outfit is a single Balenciaga earring shaped as a lamb, which retails for $350 and is made of aluminum and brass. (The label is also selling a rat earring, too). “A whimsical accessory and you’re out the door,” Jacobs says, before adding, “Don’t forget your mask.” 

In addition to the kitschy jewelry, the designer also hashtagged this latest outfit post with #channelingrosecelavy. It’s a nod to Rrose Sélavy, the female alter ego of America-French painter Marcel Duchamp (he would sit as Rrose and picture himself as her for his art). The glamorous figure, like Jacobs, often wore hats and fur coats. With Jacobs, a look always has more to it than meets the eye, and this homage to Sélavy is clearly no different. Hang this photo in the Guggenheim!