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Marc Anthony Hops Off Stage Mid-Performance to Sing to Blind Teen

Talk about a musical moment that will make your heart swell.

During a concert at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, this past weekend, singer and songwriter Marc Anthony hopped off the stage while performing “Vivir Mi Vida” to say hello to a fan in the front row.

Johnny Rivera Jr., a blind teenager, was with his father at the concert celebrating his 16th birthday when he caught the attention of Anthony. With his walking stick in hand, Rivera was swaying back and forth to the song when Anthony started singing close to his ear after stepping off stage for him and kept the beat with his hand on Rivera’s back.

“Voy a reír, voy a bailar/Vivir mi vida, la la la la. Voy a reír, voy a gozar/Vivir mi vida, la la la la,” sang the artist.

Anthony then kissed Rivera on his head as his father stood by recording the video on his phone with a big smile on his face.

Rivera’s father, also named Johnny, posted more videos on Instagram from the evening. One of the videos starts with the father and son dancing to the song together. It also shows Anthony before he meets Rivera interacting with the young man while sitting on the edge of the stage. Later, a video shows Rivera receiving the official setlist.

“Happiest of birthdays to my young King,” Rivera Sr. wrote. “My eyes. My heart. The one who completely changed my view of life. Continue to change perspectives. Continue to share your light and love with the world. An epic way to bring in year #16. Performing one of his favorite songs with one of his favorite artist. @marcanthony Thank you for making this birthday one to remember for a life time.”

It’s definitely a birthday gift Rivera will never forget.