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Man Who’s With Girlfriend for ‘Looks’ Mad at ‘Gold Digger’ Remark

A man on Reddit was roasted after he admitted he’s with his girlfriend for “her looks” but got angry when his own daughter called the woman a “gold digger.”

The dad explained he has never “been particularly close” with his daughter, as he split from his ex-wife (i.e. her mother) when she was 13 and only sees his daughter a few times every year.

“I do blame myself for that, after the divorce I went into a sort of mid life crisis (although I was only in my early 30s). Over the last few years I’ve dated quite a few women but I wouldn’t class any of those relationships as ‘serious.’ Six months ago I started dating my current girlfriend,” he wrote via Reddit.

When he decided to invite most of his family to dinner to introduce his girlfriend to them, things quickly turned sour with his daughter.

“Everyone seemed to like her, we had a fun dinner. But then after a few glasses of wine me and my daughter got into this small argument. I honestly don’t even remember what it was about and during that argument she called my girlfriend a gold digger and left shortly after. She generally just ruined the whole dinner,” he continued.

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The man added that he’s not “delusional” and knows “one of the reasons” his girlfriend is with him is for his money: “I assume everyone else in the family knows that too. Same way, one of the reasons I’m with my girlfriend are her looks.”

After their argument, the man hosted another family dinner at his house but didn’t invite his daughter.

“She very obviously doesn’t like my girlfriend and I didn’t want a repeat of the last situation. However when my daughter found out she wasn’t invited afterwards she sent me some angry messages calling me a ‘selfish narcissistic prick.’ And for whatever reason one of my sisters has taken her side and said I should have invited her,” he wrote.

Reddit users blasted the man in the comments section, with many suggesting he acted like a terrible father.

“So you’re acknowledging that she’s with you at least partly for your money… but your daughter doesn’t have the right to share that opinion? Enjoy being a sugar-daddy, I guess, since it’s clear you don’t have any interest in a real relationship with your kid,” one person wrote.

“Maybe the daughter is the a–hole for the gold digger comment (in the way teenagers are a–holes), but [you’re the a–hole] big time for abandoning your child so that you could f–k around as a single dude,” another commented.

“If my daughter called me a ‘selfish narcissistic p—k’ after I abandoned her and began a series of superficial, meaningless real relationships I might look inward and try to repair that relationship and work on myself instead of proving her completely right,” another weighed in.

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