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Man Refuses to Allow Stepdaughter to Move Into Home With Children

A man on Reddit is refusing to allow his stepdaughter to move into his home following his split from her mom, all because he thinks she’s a terrible influence on his young children, ages 3 and 6.

He explained his stepdaughter wants “somewhere else to stay for a few months until her lease ends since she doesn’t want to keep living with her ex.”

“However, my wife and I have two little ones and she is a terrible influence on them. She always tries to have friends over and they’re always loud and shouting in her bedroom when it’s past the kids’ bedtimes. She’s come home late drunk and triggered our home alarms because she’s too wasted to turn them off. I have to remind her multiple times to do her chores and it’s just aggravating to have to do for an entire adult human,” he wrote via Reddit.

The concerned father noted that one time, when one of his children had a medical emergency and needed to be rushed to the hospital, his stepdaughter got drunk while she was supposed to be watching the other child.

“My wife keeps asking me to reconsider letting her stay with us but I’ve put my foot down. I’m trying to do what’s best for the kids but my stepdaughter is also just generally a messy and unpleasant person to be around and I don’t think my mental health could take having to live with her for a couple months again,” he concluded.

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Users in the comments section supported the man’s decision to look out for his younger children’s well-being over his grown stepdaughter.

“Do NOT let her back in your home. If she gets a foot in the door, she will never leave… especially since your wife wants her there. A 24-year-old who drinks that much should not be around young kids!” one person wrote.

“You have two VERY easily influenced children to think about. It’s not only how she behaves and how the kids tend to soak up that behavior, it’s also a HUGE safety issue. She sees nothing wrong with getting drunk while caring for a little one. That’s actually pretty scary. Mix in her lack of respect, her friends and drinking behavior and you have a potentially huge issue. You’re doing the right thing. She’s 24. she needs to grow up,” another person chimed in.

“Since she’s behaved badly in the past, especially endangering your daughter, I don’t blame you. You could try to compromise and say she can stay for one month, hard stop, that’s it, then she’d have to find somewhere else, or that she could stay for a few months but is immediately out the first time something like above happens again. But I understand why you want to say no, not at all,” someone else commented.

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